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A Message To UTS Viewers

Dear UTS, I would like to offer a brief message to viewers regarding UTS blog updates. I have received several emails since the last post in March, asking what happened or just checking on my well being. Most of the comments were nice and supportive…others, not so much. Which is fine of course, I can… Continue reading A Message To UTS Viewers

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More Odell Beckham Jr ‘Is Gay’ Controversy

In the latest round of social media speculation on football stud Odell Beckham Jr’s sexuality, a video recently posted on Instagram helped reignite ‘concern’ among his fans. On Friday, Instagram account The Shade Room posted a 5 second clip of Beckham Jr, singing Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” in a hot tub. It begins with Odell singing ‘When I… Continue reading More Odell Beckham Jr ‘Is Gay’ Controversy

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I’m Back, By Popular Demand

Maybe not so much by popular demand but rather ‘I have some extra free time again. Might as well.’ No, but seriously, I truly missed blogging on UTS over the last 5 months. Remember, I told y’all in my final post before the hiatus that I would eventually return. So here goes. I still haven’t decided on how… Continue reading I’m Back, By Popular Demand

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Blog Hiatus

I must sadly inform everyone that I will cease posting new blog updates for the unforeseeable future starting today. There are many, many reasons behind this decision but I have no other choice at the moment. My personal, professional, & social life has overtaken my time & attention like never before. Add to the mix, no longer… Continue reading Blog Hiatus