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Bae of the Week: Steph Curry x Lebron

NBA rivals Steph Curry and Lebron Jamea will become UTS’ first ever ‘Bae of the Week’ after publicly expressing trepidation about making a White House visit following Curry’s Golden State Warriors 2017 championship. Curry’s anxiety is likely related to U.S. President Donald Trump’s white supremacist, racist, mysognist, sexist, and xenophobic actions/remarks since becoming a national… Continue reading Bae of the Week: Steph Curry x Lebron

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Kevin Hart Bulge (2017 Edition)

Kevin Hart, 37, is one of the most popular stand up comedians in the world. Over 100 million people follow him across various social media platforms. Hit films, TV shows, and books all help maintain his dominant presence in the media. Despite being only 5’4, Hart doesn’t seem at all resistant to being considered a… Continue reading Kevin Hart Bulge (2017 Edition)