Jonathan Toews

That is a picture of 26-year-old Canadian hockey player Jonathan Toews. He is a captain of the Chicago Blackhawks (my hometown!) and he’s No.9 on my list of Favorite Booty of 2014. Be sure to expect MORE Jonathan Toews in 2015! Twitter Male celeb submission or request?


My BOTY Top 10: Cody X Caleb (10)

Last summer’s Big Brother is most likely remembered for the ‘showmance’ between Ariana Grande’s brother and fellow house guest Zach aka ‘Zankie’… A few notches below that is Derrick’s masterful game play & the homoerotic nature among the season’s male houseguests. This being Underneathestarz, of course, we’re going to focus on that last part. Cody… Continue reading My BOTY Top 10: Cody X Caleb (10)

BOTY · New Info

BOTY Update

BOTY 2014 is now canceled. The unlimited voting system is no longer effective for several different reasons.  I truly appreciate you guys for voting but someone ruined it by voting 1,000x in less than 5 minutes for Omarion. Next year will include a new polling system to help restrict power voting. Until then, I have decided to… Continue reading BOTY Update


BOTY 2014: Graham x Fitzgerald Eliminated

Larry Fitzgerald and Jimmy Graham eliminated in Round 3 w/ the lowest amount of total votes. Continue voting! Cody Calafiore Sidney Crosby Jeff Driskel Omari Hardwick Eden Hazard Hulk Josh Leyva Colt Mccoy David McIntosh Chris Meloni Rafael Nadal Omarion Dan Osborne Jonathan Toews WHO DO YOU THINK IS BOTY? Twitter Male celeb submission or… Continue reading BOTY 2014: Graham x Fitzgerald Eliminated

BOTY · Reality TV

Favorite Booty Of 2012 Is Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian first caught my attention around December 2009 when his famous sister, reality tv star/porn star/fame whore Kim Kardashian decided to tweet a pic of her brother’s large round ass to her millions of Twitter followers. What later ensued was downright hysteria from every gay-oriented blog on the web. The comments ranged from, “OMG,… Continue reading Favorite Booty Of 2012 Is Rob Kardashian