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Chris Hemsworth In A Wetsuit

Ausssie stud actor Chris Hemsworth, 33, photographed in a wetsuit on June 24 in New South Wales, Australia. I’ve noticed Chris is always ‘caught’ undressing or stretching with a camera lens THIS CLOSE and ready to capture such “candid” moments… Makes you wonder how often these ‘candid’ moments are merely set ups to rile up… Continue reading Chris Hemsworth In A Wetsuit


Chris Hemsworth In Flaunt

Chris Hemsworth has been playing fantasy roles for a while, but now he is getting ready to portray real life events in a new sports drama called ‘Rush,’ directed by Ron Howard. “I love the fantasy world that I was working in for Thor and Snow White And The Huntsman but, you know, I had it in… Continue reading Chris Hemsworth In Flaunt


Chris Hemsworth In Prestige

Chris Hemsworth looking hot posing for some magazine no one cares about… Chris looks really great on the cover, right?! After Thor and The Avengers this year I’m definitely on #TeamChrisHemsworth.. I need for him to slay 2013 wiith shirtless scenes, hot photo shoots for GQ, Vanity Fair etc and of course, the mandotory first… Continue reading Chris Hemsworth In Prestige