43 thoughts on “Addis Miller

  1. OK, so I discovered this stud on Insta.. his IG handle is addisdabaddest and he’s clearly some kind of model or gay for pay porn-type. I also discovered he did some jerk off scenes for a U.K. based gay porn company known as English Lads… I went searching everywhere for more GIFS/pics of this guy and what turned up is what you’re seeing included here in the last 4 pics.. if anyone has more info/pics of this guy email me at underneathestarzwordpress@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance!
    Enjoy. πŸ˜™πŸ˜›

    1. It’s time for you to arise my pretty! It’s a new year. It’s your year. It’s our year. Bring Underneathestarz back to life. Out with the old and in with new we have cleared a path just for you.

    1. Yes please some one I’d love to see this scene the other guy is hot as well thanks just what I want for Christmas.”damn”

  2. It’s weird how I could tell he was from the UK before I’d even saw the last set of pictures. Maybe it’s how the black dudes over there dress and do their hair and stuff, but I can almost always spot them.

    1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I actually visited the U.K. for the very first time a few years ago on vacation… the guys in Europe– back and white are more fashionable, cultured, and sensitive compared to American guys.

    2. See, I’m not about this. I don’t mean they are more cultured or fashionable or anything like that. I don’t place any judgement on any of that, anyway, generally. I was just making a remark about how you can tell. Sometimes it’s the clothes, a lot of times it’s how they cut their hair. They often look more “white” in their fashion to me.

      1. What kind of work do you do? Is it in computers? I need someone to help me with a website that I started and would like to use this same format. Shoot me a message dude. Peace. -Sharon

      2. Well, it IS football season in America. So there should be no shortage of hot men with hot asses in tightpants. Try T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts!

  3. Can you post pictures of these hunks with sexy bubble butts?:

    Lance McCullers
    Rodney St. Cloud
    Mario Borelli
    Tim Liggins
    Hector Washington

  4. Hey Kelz it’s me, Jimmy Dean again and sadly you contributed to my death Kelz.. welcome to your tape! Lol plz come back 😣😣

  5. Please share some other sites to get off to since this one is no long alive. Much love Kels, I hope you are doing ok. Please let us know. You feel like family.

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