He Is Hot!

Ricky Johnson

UTS’ favorite straight porn star may exclusively fuck women on camera but on Snapchat & Tumblr he’s far more willing and open to indulge his gay male fans.

The following GIFS taken from a Tumblr vid he recently posted is a prime example of his teasing…

13 thoughts on “Ricky Johnson

  1. Yes I love him I find his videos boring he doesn’t seem to really be in to it I love to seem him do gay I think he’d enjoy it as well my rador says he’s dl for sure

    1. I think we should just appreciate what he’s doing now. Obviously, he enjoys fucking women over and over again. He likely dates women in his personal relationships.

      I just need Ricky to make at least ONE or two solo vids and/or show off his booty similar to the GIFS in the post.

  2. “On camera” he may be fucking women, But off camera, who’s he fucking? Or should I ask, who’s fucking him? What’s HIS name? **side-eyed sipping tea**

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