Matt Lister

Matthew Lister is a 24-year-old British canoer.

Lister is exceptionally hairy. Here is what he stated in a interview when asked about his ‘man-scaping’ technique…

It’s so refreshing to see such a hairy guy – most men in the media are plucked and waxed.

I’m proud of my ‘hairiness’. I’ve had to come a long way to embrace the things I disliked about myself, being hairy from a very young age was one of them, and now I love it!

Have you ever been tempted to whip it all off?

I’m assuming you mean my fur and not my clothes, there’s barely any of those left as it is! I think its about time we saw more hairy guys in the mainstream. I used to trim my body hair down and shave my back, until I realised I was just doing it to please other people. I’m so happy to be a hairy guy, I’ve always found hairy men sexy. I shaved my back last year before I went to Mykonos and regretted it almost instantly.

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