8 thoughts on “Ezekiel Elliott Revisited

  1. Ezekiel would be everything I want in a man and more. One problem. …I hate football players besides those amazing bodies it’s hard to imagine what else they have to offer. They’re often so dumb and full of themselves it’s a turn off. They’re remind me of the police untouchable in so many ways besides physically. But damn I’d risk it all for Ezekiel. All my bad feels about football players could be tossed in second if Ezekiel wanted me. 😂😂 that ass is just… babaaayy

    1. I absolutely agree with everything you stated regarding the mental vs physical of most football players, not all, of course. But yeah I’m a little obsessed with Ezekiel since the NFL Body Issue came out.

    2. Well, that, and the whole thing about him (allegedly) beating his girlfriends and having very little self-control with everyone else, apparently.

  2. Why does he literally make me hot? I know he is a friggin animal in the bedroom…probably be biting and growling and shit… lawd lemme stop before my basement overfloods

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