10 thoughts on “Rotimi

  1. Omg this is your 1st time posting him?! Idk how I came across him but it was way before Power when he was trying to sing. But I’ve been in lust ever since…I never see power because I’m poor and cannot afford Starz so thank you Kels for the gifs of dat ass. *aggressively looks for Sugar Daddy so i can afford premium cable*

  2. Roti mi is from NJ just like myself. And I first discovered him in Divergent I believe and I followed him on snapchat. I would comment on his stuff all the time and he’d reply and we’d chat about a lot of things even talk about where we were from and all dat. Long story short it wasn’t sexual at all and he’s not gay. I use to give him advice o n being in the industry because it’s something I’ve studied for a long time. The business aspect of being famous. He was so thankful and kind. He truly appreciated the advice I was giving him and telling me how no one had ever really brought these kinds of things to his attention. He would text me and ask me for advice on deals and such and I would give him the best advice I could offer. He asked if I had any social media and I gave him my handle for my twitter and instagram. Now mind you we never established whether I am a guy or a girl or in between. Now it’s clear that I’m no swan more like the ugly duckling. He never followed me and I asked if he had trouble finding my pages and he replied “nah I just can’t fuck w/ you” I asked why? And he sent back laughing emojis. I asked what’s funny and he said “your a ugly dude” and I just blocked him. I wanted to screenshot it but I didn’t think he deserved that much. Karma will surely get back at him. It really hurt my feelings cause I was truly rooting for him.

    1. ^Oh my God.

      I’m really sorry that happened to you and I respect you for sharing it here on UTS. I’m also grateful you felt like this platform was the right space to get that off your chest.

      As for the Rotimi incident, I can’t say I’m surprised but more so disappointed.
      Rotimi may have a nice body and sex appeal and I know this doesn’t take away the sting of being so rudely dismissed by him but… LOOK AT HIS NOSE.
      He is no traditional/standard beauty either.
      Someone could roast him to oblivion on that alone.
      I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like it if someone decided to go on his social media and openly mock him or say cruel things about his ginormous flat nostrils.
      Obviously, two wrongs don’t make a right but I’m happy you just blocked him and moved right along. You seem like a very open and honest person. He didn’t deserve your advice or attention.

      Finally, I must say, I don’t believe ‘ugly’ is only defined by outside appearance/physical attractiveness. You can be stunning on the outside but ugly on the inside (i.e. cruel, vindictive, selfish, arrogant, ignorant etc)

      In the incident described above, his actions were ugliest of all in my opinion.
      Again, I appreciate you sharing. 😓👊😙

  3. Thank you so much for that I truly do appreciate it. And I’ve never really shared it before really because it was truly embarrassing. And most people who know me will tell you I’m the most confident person they met but it’s a facade and the way he did me was just a huge blow to my ego. I also feel dumb giving away my “gems” to someone so unworthy. And you are so right about him not being the cutest with that nose lol. Can you imagine how hard it is to watch Power? lol TBH I will say he was good about talking to fans on SC. In fact I heard he had some pipe leakage from a fan on SC. Wasn’t me tho but you def check those out and blow up that spot. Hehe. Love you Kel your the bomb for real. Been a fan since the beginning. Just a new username.

    1. Wow, sorry that happened to you and for someone that is not “gay” I find it funny that he is judging another man by his looks. He is ridiculous. But you did the right thing. Karma will come back

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