He Is Hot!

2 For 1

Yup.. I still love fine ass Justin Combs.

Plus, his younger half-brother, Christian, recently joined the 18 + club, so he can now get it too.

5 thoughts on “2 For 1

    1. Ikr… I just realized not too long ago how much of an impact his entertainment career had on my child/young adulthood. It happened when I made a playlist of all the hits he produced on Bad Boy for the last 20 years. The man is a legendary music artist.

    1. I’ve never been attracted to Quincy for some reason. Idk why though since like you said he’s a cutie. But he doesn’t do it for me. I do find it interesting that Justin looks exactly his Mom (Misa Hilton) and Christian looks exactly like his Mom (Kim Porter) and Puffy.

  1. Oooh he look just like Diddy… just younger lol I’m always team Justin: he can get it any day. Any time. Anywhere.

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