Reality TV

BB19’s Mark Jansen

Big Brother used to be one of my favorite reality shows until it became way too predictable and not diverse enough to care anymore.

I refuse to waste 3 months of my life following a game show where you can literally predict the outcome at minute one.

The producers can barely pick a great Hottie Mcbody to lust over especially after the Cody Calafiore season from 2014.

That said, a UTS viewer recently alerted me to a cast member from season 19 that has everything I need from a Big Brother contestant…

5 thoughts on “BB19’s Mark Jansen

  1. Yasssss I’m that UTS viewer! lol
    I literally hate this season but damn I like looking at him. He’s always wearing itty bitty shorts with his thick ass. Josh Martinez(another BB19 contestant) is thicker than a snicker blizzard as well

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