Miguel Angel Silvestre

Miguel Angel Silvestre is a 35-year-old Spanish actor.

The following GIFS are taken from the Netflix drama “Sense8,” in which Selvestre portrays a closeted telenovela (soap opera) star.

6 thoughts on “Miguel Angel Silvestre

    1. Haha.. ikr?

      I have noticed explicit sex scenes becoming more common on basic cable TV programs in recent years.

      Perhaps in response to a lack of sex in mainstream film… Ive read it’s become difficult to feature sex scenes in movies because of the MPAA rating system. If your movie has a sex scene like the one above, gay or straight, you’re automatically given a R or NC-17, which limits your audience. Its a shame filmmakers are then forced to alter or limit their creativity based on the whims of greedy Hollywood studio execs and/or folks aged 18 and under… hence, the 123rd superhero movie now playing at your local cinema…smdh

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