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Flashman Wade Mega Post (2017 Update)

Dallas ‘Flashman’ Wade Update!

At this point,  what else can be said or explained that hasn’t already been covered here on UTS.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and get to know (platonically) Flashman over the years. He is one of the kindest and nicest people you could ever meet.

He’s also become a ‘Big Booty’ icon within the gay black social media community for reasons the following (recent) pics will help make clear to anyone unfamiliar w/ the ‘Flash-man’…

10 thoughts on “Flashman Wade Mega Post (2017 Update)

    1. You know, George… Ive never related to wanting to sniff or smell Flashman or anybodys ass.
      Like, I would never state it that way.

      I would probably say ‘I would love to rim/eat Flashman ass’ and even then I would never rim a guy unless they showered in front of/with me. The exception being we’re hooking up on a regular basis and I’m already familiar with your hygiene. Point is, I have never been into sniffing… or smelling farts, poop, or any of the unpleasant smells of human secretion. Hell, I won’t even suck your cock if I’m not feeling your ball/dick scent… In the past, I’ve literally stopped giving blowjobs and left stinky balls ‘high and dry’ if you didnt smell right..is that abnormal or strange? Lol

      1. Like, the last 3 GIFS, for example, is the biggest fucking turn on for me when I can see that fat ass getting washed and cleaned and ready for my tongue is such a huge turn on.

      2. LOL! That is under the assumption that is clean though and of course, that would not be the only thing I would want to do with it. He is delicious.

  1. He is such a sweetheart! I post his pics on IG and he likes them and hamurcy ive said it once and i will continue… HE IS PERFECTION!!!

  2. I like his Butt naked pictures I like how his Butt looks naked I like that his Butt is big I like his big booty I would lick his Butt and his Butt crack I’ll sleep in his Butt naked and dream in it all night

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