Jay Ellis Mega Post (‘Insecure’ Tribute)

35-year-old actor stud/model Jay Ellis has been a thorn/bane/frustration in my life since he first appeared on the BET comedy ‘ The Game’ in 2012.

Aside from his undeniable on-screen charisma and stunning physique/good looks, Ellis is an LGBT ally.

In 2013, he became a member of Amfar, to help spread HIV/ AIDS awareness and in particular, help educate African American youth.

In a recent Out magazine interview, he stated…

“I think there’s this younger generation that doesn’t remember the AIDS epidemic,” says Ellis, whose gay uncle died of AIDS complications. We still owe the people who have passed and we have lost,” he says, “but also ourselves and future generations. We have the responsibility to eradicate HIV and AIDS.”

Sexy and woke?

I’m here for it.

The 2nd season of ‘Insecure’ on HBO premieres on July 23rd.

4 thoughts on “Jay Ellis Mega Post (‘Insecure’ Tribute)

    1. You dont need a cable sub to watch these days if you have a access to the internet…There is a website called brokensilenze that I use to catch up on shows like Insecure… It’s been my go to for years..

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