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A Message To UTS Viewers

Dear UTS,

I would like to offer a brief message to viewers regarding UTS blog updates.

I have received several emails since the last post in March, asking what happened or just checking on my well being.

Most of the comments were nice and supportive…others, not so much. Which is fine of course, I can understand the frustration.

When I first created Underneathestarz, I was a 26-year-old unemployed grad student.

UTS was merely a side project to showcase one of my well hidden hobbies of collecting male celeb butt/bulge/nude pics… nothing more or less.

I never would have predicted or expected to reach 29 million total pages views or receive 15-40k views each day.

It doesn’t get said often but 5 years ago, UTS was a pioneer in screen capturing/Gif-ing Trey Songz, Drake, Justin Bieber, LeBron James etc

There even came a point when one site in particular literally copied my theme, font, titles, et all (malecelebbootyfest)

That old saying ‘imitation is the highest form of flattery’ is actually real.

I guess reaching nearly 30 million page views will afford you some kind of minor visibility on the internet.

One thing is for sure, I have always tried to give 110 percent to every post found on this blog…from creating 1,000s of original GIFS/screencaps to resizing, editing, and arranging the images.

UTS literally became my home away from home, so to speak.

It also became a sort of mixed blessing in disguise.

It began to consume way too much of my time, energy, and attention.

It became an obsession to gain more pages views, more comments, more ‘exclusives’ etc

I made the decision early on to have an open dialogue w/ UTS viewers over the years.

I wanted UTS to feel like that special place I always wanted to visit as a young teen. A multitude of diverse male celebs, black and white, young and older, music and film stars, sports guys etc… all in one place.

Underneath the stars to escape a sometimes sad/lonely reality.

That decision led me to perhaps overshare in my blog write ups and in the comment section.

It had nothing to do with UTS viewers personally, it was a lesson for me to learn for myself.

So that I can mature.

I also realized how little free time you actually have once you begin working a full time gig, 9 to 5 everyday or some days 9 to 9, depending on the workload.

Family or friends invite me to hang out?

“Nah,I have to work or sleep, or eat… sorry” Hardly no time for any fun, including UTS.

That is a reoccurring line Im beginning to use way too often smh…

So, for anyone wondering if I’m doing OK or thinking I’m in some type of personal distress because I’m not posting…is inaccurate.

I simply don’t post because I don’t have time.

And posting a blog update to announce that I’m busy working and unable to post is no longer what I feel obligated to do.

It will happen again and again.

Thankfully, I created 2,000 + posts in the archives from 2012-today.

I apologize to anyone that felt neglected or forgotten.

That was never, ever my intention. I have always shown appreciation and love to UTS viewers.

Hopefully, you understand where I’m coming from as well.

Much love,


18 thoughts on “A Message To UTS Viewers

  1. Kel, I for one fully understand. Work is demanding, and so is just living life. Don’t feel bad or feel as though you have to apologize for not posting. You have to work to keep your bills paid. It clear that some of the viewers must don’t work or have a life because they are always waiting for you to post. Keep doing you! I support you 100 percent and I am praying for you.

    1. Thanks brother!

      I can’t help but feel bad not b/c I sometimes have to leave for an extended period… but the lack of update stating that to viewers.

      Like I said in the post, I’m a ‘people pleaser’ and I have a strong desire to be considered a nice/kind person.

      I guess it comes from my family/upbringing but I’ve always been type of person.

      Fortunately, as I get older I’m learning to feel less inclined to please others and focus more on what makes me happy.

      I then made a decision not to announce a hiatus and stuck by it until I was ready to come back.

      Definitely a major challenge that I held onto despite getting a few shitty emails here and there. I also don’t like folks worried about me when there is NOTHING to worry about. I am blessed w/ a loving & supportive family, friends, and a partner I deeply love.

      It is strange for me to feel like I have to offer UTS viewers an explanation each time I go on a break. Just to say ‘hey, im busy working…cant say when the next post will be.. later’

      In fact, I’m still not sure if its being rude or not. Or perhaps finally liberated.

      1. You are not being rude at all. What is rude is how you have people that don’t take into consideration that you have a life and that social media is not your livelihood. Unless those demanding viewers are going to send you money to pay your bills and to keep you fed then they can wait and find something occupy their time…like a job or hobby that doesn’t consist of them being on your blog daily nagging you for multiple updates. It takes time to get a post just right before blogging it.

  2. I understand totally. I am just glad that you are okay and thank you again for putting this blog together for all of us to see. We appreciate you

  3. Welcome back Kel.

    I can honestly say I have learn similar lessons in life about over exposure and needing to recalibrate my activities. Some of us out learn our lessons thru experiences rather than instinct. I have also learned the lessons about needing a certain level of selfishness for oneself instead of unlimiting “giving oneself” to others. We are all here to live life “for the pursuit of happiness”. Do what makes you happy and be happy with those who you have mutual love with, your family and friends. I am also glad you’re no longer unemployed and are moving on up in the world. I don’t understand the people who got mad at you and sent you bad messages. None of us have a right to you or the fruits of your labour with this website. We can be thankful for your services and continue to use it with appreciation, but if you up and left for your own personal well being, no one should be loosing their shit.

    I enjoy your work and I will continue you do so as long as you choose offer it. No bullshit, it’s done quite well. I saw the other webiste a few times a few years ago but nothing is better than the original.

    Keep enjoying yourself in both the practical and digital.

  4. Keep doing you, Kel. I have to say I was in the camp of confusion and concern lolz, but I understsnd the need to not feel obligated to people you don’t know. As a person who appreciates what you do, and why you do it as you described here, I was sad as I thought the site was done. Glad to know you’re doing well and will do it when you can!

  5. Welcome back! I was one of those people worried about you. I’ve seen so many awesome blogs end up disappearing, and was hoping this wasn’t one of them.

    I want you to enjoy life and work is demanding. I appreciate all of the posts and work you put into them.


  6. Welcome back Kels! Totally understandable
    I’ve been checking in was wondering if you’re were doing well! Much😘!

  7. Love the site. Always have. I appreciate your efforts . They, in addition to others, made me create bromancebooty tumblr page. I notice recently a lot of your posts have my original gif’s in them, that I spend time cropping, timing , and optimizing for the bandwidth tumblr allows. I know people email you things without telling you the source, but it would be cool to get a shout out from time to time. I don’t really want to tag the gifs, then i’ll have to shrink them even more. Either way, I’m happy to have made hot gifs for people to get off to. which is the whole point

  8. Glad to have you back. I assumed you were busy and didnt wanna crowd you with suggestions and such like I do akikiki

  9. Kel – Home away from home, outlet, family — all terms that u use to describe UTS. That’s why we’re all concerned about u and ur well being. So that no one worries about u, I’d recommend that you just post – “taking a break.” It’s all u need to say. Thank you thank you thank you for all that you do. Ur one of the very few with naked pics of me so I consider u as family.
    Love – Jamie T. 😎

    1. Jamie,

      Thank you. I LOVED your pics and I would never infringe on your privacy. I don’t recall saving them either… it’s been awhile since that exchange via email.

      I can’t promise you or anyone else an announcement of any kind regarding a hiatus.
      But I also understand what you’re saying about the familial aspect of my blog.

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