He Is Hot!

Justin Combs GIFS

It’s been awhile since Justin has done anything to warrant me posting him. So imagine my surprise at a recent shirtless workout vid he posted on IG.

Shout out to my new Tumblr pal Dudes and Toons for creating the GIFS specifically for our blog.44bb6f27-edb4-4295-a2f0-b2cc5b373ae8978ed664-a8ce-4084-916b-9df544689dc05bf3fc38-f50f-4f01-aeba-1f56d57dd642f512062c-2c17-44ba-a015-09d74183e666f59d7c11-5c0f-421b-9827-442606a04da4ac78a118-ca39-48e8-a9a6-b230f20dd698

6 thoughts on “Justin Combs GIFS

    1. I’m not into Quincy. But I’m sure he’s been featured here if you search his name in the archives.. aside from that Quincy doesn’t pose shirtless often.. plus, his ass/butt is non ezistemt

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