‘Prison Bae’ Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks became a viral sensation back in 2014 when his mugshot circulated on social media.

He garnered titles such as “Prison Bae” and “World’s Hottest Felon” in the media.

The prison mugshot became so popular Meeks signed a modeling contract in FEDERAL prison!!!!

He began modeling within 3 months of his release in 2016, including a recent runway debut at New York Fashion Week.17ed17ee-c07e-4707-af54-3165c5d4ba32-800x121267988392-ce43-4a38-a3e0-907293a9d421-800x106620170225_125411-800x6045d70fcb5-4994-4b52-bf84-064b5188c2f3-800x1200ccd2409e-a5a4-423e-860d-cf803d9bbc29-800x80020170225_131255-800x1201


16 thoughts on “‘Prison Bae’ Jeremy Meeks

    1. he is human and he got a second chance at least we see something positive as another making it or do u just wanna see dick and ass

      1. He only got a second chance off his looks alone. Do you give a f*ck about the rest of the felons?? Lets get that straight so like I said shallow, Goofy.

    2. You must be ugly and jealous. Plenty of people fight for prison reform and for job training programs for felons to fight against recidivism. You should be happy that a felon has managed to get a job therefore decreasing his chances of going back to jail.

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