He Is Hot!

Hunk of the Month

Deshawn Sheppard is a college football player/fitness trainer at Wesley College located in Dover, Delaware.

The following GIFS are taken from his recently uploaded clip on IG (it was quickly removed by the site.)

All praise and credit goes to Dudes and Toons on Tumblr.

If you’re viewing this, you truly captured a moment.. THANK YOU.

GIF: dudesandtoons.tumblr.com


17 thoughts on “Hunk of the Month

    1. Isn’t he damn near flawless?

      I swear they pulled that clip down within mere hours of him posting it on IG.

      Dudes and Toons literally captured it just before they took it down and I just assumed it was lost forever.

      Again… thanks to the person who saved the video and then made GIFS. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Someone lurking on his page couldve flagged it as inappropriate or an IG employee may have removed it.

      At this point, IG has a nudity policy that is confusing and very subjective.

      I’ve seen nude male and female butt pics. Ive never seen female breasts except if they’re covered. Ive never seen nude genitalia from either sex. . Of course, eggplant and bulge pics are everywhere.

      It seems as though IG can pick and choose what they deem SAFE based on the user, popularity, gender, sexuality…in others words.. it’s a mess.

      1. It does, because those gifs aren’t even particularly risque, and could just be said to be flexing shots. Like, I’ve seen full-on, blatant sex teases that don’t even try to hide what they are that don’t get taken down.

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