21 thoughts on “Deven Hubbard

    1. My impression is he’s a social media whore.

      Meaning he feels inclined to receive attention mostly for his body/bulges/ass pics… NOTHING I am opposed to clearly lol

      I too discovered him on Tumblr.. so I did a Google search and discovered he is extremely active on Instagram and a ball player. I found myself pleasantly surprised..

      This young man is one of the Top 100 collegiate basketball drafts in the nation! 😭😭😭

  1. Deven is gay. He has a daughter, but dates VINNY @v_watson, on and off. There are at least 4 videos of them on tumblr and IG naked in the hot tub together, asleep in bed and engaged in other boy on boy activities. Vinny finances a lot of Deven’s excursions back and forth to Los Angeles & Vegas.

  2. Deven graduated from high school in June 2016. He was still 17 at the time. Vinny found him online and began wooing him with access to his cars, money, clothing, jewelry, etc. Deven grew up rather poor under the parental guidance of his young, single mother. Deven, of course, took to Vinny’s FLASH and began spending increased time with him all summer 2016. They began sleeping together, having casual sex, but never officially engaged in a relationship. When they met, Vinny and his then fiance, @iamchristophermichael, had just called off their engagement. So, in the fiance’s absence, Deven played the bed warmer.

    If you google VINNY WATSON, you will find at least 5 mugshots of him being arrested for fraud, scamming, illegal financial activity, etc.

    Its a hot mess!

    1. Damnit man, you gave us the ENTIRE background/411 👏👏👏

      I had no idea dude just turned 18…he claimed to be in college on his Twitter/IG. Perhaps his claims of being a Top 100 collegiate basketball player are made up as well?

      Regardless, if he’s bi,straight, or gay..I must rethink leaving this post up if dude is still 17/18.

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