8 thoughts on “Tobias Truvillion

    1. Riiiiight. I stopped watching Empire because to me, JUSSIE-SMOLLET’S character did not closely portray the general realities of being a black gay male. No offense, but I got tired of seeing all of his interracial gay storylines. We need to see more black love and more black gay love. I know where I live, the larger white gay community is very exclusionary.

      1. I agree, we do need more black gay relationships on mainstream TV. Hollywood has a major diversity issue in general though. Its always been an issue except now social media has allowed us to hear about it more frequently than before. I get that and hopefully it leads to further debate on the issue. I would also like to see more artists who agree w/ us begin creating the content independent of Hollywood. Especially when it appears the system is reluctant or unwilling to diversify their storytelling.
        That said, I’m more inclined to stop watching Empire if the writing or story choices negatively effect the overall tone of the show… not the skin color of Jamal’s love interest.

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