21 thoughts on “Van Damme Flashback (GIFS)

    1. Well.. I was definitely alive in the early 90s haha.. but I was born in ’86.. far too young at the time to have sexual thoughts for anyone. Puberty for me began around the late 90s.

      I just turned 30 last year! 👌

      1. Thanks for uploading! You’ve made my night lol. I was in junior high/high school during this time, this is my first time seeing him in the nude. I thought the only fantasy that I would see, was the scene in his movie where he does the split

      2. @slim you’re welcome. Can’t believe you’d never seen these clips until now– they’re pretty infamous for any fan of the male celeb nudity genre. The last set of gifs are from Universal Soldier, his most well known film.

  1. His ass was my constant stroke material. I was in middle and high school and his big, bubble muscle ass was the butt measure for me. His was a solid 10.

  2. One of the sexiest old school actors , his ass made me rock hard since senior primary school lol. I would watch his movies just to see his muscle bubble butt

  3. So fine and plump! By the way I gotta request, could do a segment on David Schwimmer? I always that he had a phat ass,

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