12 thoughts on “Nathaniel Noir

  1. NOTHING about his lower body is natural, nor does it look normal. I really wish the black gay community would STOP making such a big deal over attention seeking homosexuals like him. ITS RIDICULOUS! Any one of us can spend $1500.00 on a series of outpatient fat injections. Like…lets be serious.

    1. This guy actually looks okay though. There was another that use to be posted a while back that actually scared me like his shape was so weird it freaked me out. 😎

      1. I believe you’re referring to Jacob Kohinoor as the other guy w/ a questionable ass size… I happen to find Nathaniel beautiful…face, body, fake or non fake ass included.

        In other words, Idgaf. 👌😎

    2. Why is it that black men always feel to need to say another black man has had something done to his butt? Some men have big butts, it could be hereditary or because of how he works out.

  2. He blocked me on Tumblr. lol He is so weird, and just generally stopped answer any one’s questions and even those who still praise him. It’s like he wants to put himself out there, but doesn’t want anyone to say anything to him good or bad. I don’t get it, and it makes him unattractive. He’s extremely cagey. All those pictures he posts and no one seems to know nothing about him.

  3. I’m not really sure why this guy is getting hateful comments about his butt..But it doesn’t look unnatural to me , it could see if he had just a big ass and nothing else..His whole body is muscular and typically when your short in stature your gonna be what i like to call “midget fine” so idk..Anyway I don’t really know him anyway..but I’d still fuck da breaks off dat cute little nigga!

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