8 thoughts on “Tyler Posey Leaked Nude (Screencaps)

    1. My thoughts as well.

      I find it hard to believe the leaks of not one but TWO male co stars on the same damn tv show (Teen Wolf) in the the same week aren’t related.. but who is responsible ??

      1. That is a good question! It might be the actors themselves because I know that the show is ending after this season and they might be trying to get some publicity for themselves. I’m liking it though and I hope that Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin are next up with nude leaks

      2. Well some of the reports I’ve read online have speculated that fans are accusing Tyler Posey’s actress ex girlfriend Bella Thorne.. they’ve recently broken up I read.

        My guess is that a hacker/Teen Wolf fan is behind it.. for the reason you stated.. it’s the final season of Teen Wolf, perfect timing to garner attention. Seems unlikely the actors themselves would release them.
        They’re likely embarrassed as fuck… oh well… dont film/record yourself in this manner if you want privacy in the digital age. #sorrynotsorry

      3. If it was Bella Thorne, Charlie Puth might be next but I hope that Colton Haynes has the next nude leak to come out

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