13 thoughts on “Vacation Hiatus

    1. @jellop yea.. I had an opportunity to use vacation days at my real job from last year..ha..

      So I decided to really go in and finally travel to Europe for the first time (Great Britain) 10 days.. then I’m back in the U.S. and I’m going to visit family living in Seattle, Washington for a few weeks heading into Thanksgiving. 😊

      1. You’ll really like the UK, I think. I’ve been there. If you’re from the East Coast or older Midwestern cities, it feels really familiar while still being foreign. I’ve also been to Paris, and while stunningly beautiful it feels like a museum.

      1. It’s sort of a mini challenge I give myself to post updates during my free time, which is not often anymore.. I would love to post more but I have a busy career nowadays.. always playing catch up lately 😎😴

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