8 thoughts on “Joe Jonas

  1. Kelsey – You know how exciting this is pour moi. Really am transitioning back to where it all started it was Joe(hands down) then you led me to Nick and now, while I never totally lost interest(that big rear shot in the gray suit always sent me over the top) you and DNCE cake by the ocean brought me back. Thank you thank you thank you for continuing to engender spectacular high fliers from this very happy dude.
    Love – Jamie T.

    1. Haha.. thanks Jamie T!

      These pics are really incredible.
      Joe hasn’t played up his sexuality in a photo shoot for a long time.. Nick on the other hand is ALWAYS selling it..non stop.
      I find myself not choosing a favorite of the Jonas Bros.. I simply go where the action is, I guess.😋🍑🎂💪

  2. I’ve never realized until recently how much I’ve been sleeping on Joe. I never found him attractive and he was a kinda skinny back then. Now he’s hot as hell! He got that thick build just like Nick that I love.

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