8 thoughts on “Michael B Jordan Update

  1. The love of my life. The father to my children. The Joseph to my Mary. The James Dean to my Marilyn Monroe. The Clyde to my Bonnie. The Peter Parker to Mary Jane. Just call me Cee Cee B. Jordan.

    P.s. Still making that collection Kelz although I have to remove two of my very well organized collections because you’ve caught wind to them and have posted them already *deep sigh*

    1. Lol.. your husband?

      I think not..😜
      MBJ and I have been engaged since Fruitvale Station came out in 2013 and made it official last year when gay marriage became legal in all 50 states.. *in my beautiful dark twisted fantasy*

      No, but seriously, I’m patiently awaiting those pics you have for me. 🤗
      My email is still underneathestarzwordpress@gmail.com when you’re ready to share any pics. ☺

  2. Michael B Jordan has long ago replaced Romeo as my favorite. The guy is legit the sexiet young Black guy out there today, in sports, music, and holloywood. He is fucking awesome. He needs to accidently leak dick and underwear pics dammit. Mess up or something, dammit.

    1. I’m pretty sure there is a picture of him naked on a beach and he’s changing his shorts. Nothing much special, so just enjoy the body and the face.

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