10 thoughts on “Joe Jonas

  1. WOWOWOW!!! I got so immersed in the disturbing response to the pending hiatus that I didn’t scroll down.

    Joe – Nick(thx to Kel) and now back to Joe is where I am right now. It’s DNCE doing CAKE BY THE OCEAN, and those thick thighs and massive backside in that classic gray suit pic, that has me “rolling” back with Joe.

    Thx for the dedication, Kelsey.
    Love – Jamie T.😎

    1. Haha… thank YOU for defending me and your overall loyalty, despite our agreement to disagreeon JB in the past few years, that said…

      Cake By The Ocean was def my summer jam this summer and I’ve always loved the Jobros, respectively.

      1. Hey – I agree with everything you said about JB. He’s awful. Maybe it’s the bad boy thing. I’ve tried getting over him but he is sexy as hell and just keeps getting hawter. That moon shot of him in Hawaii launched me into outer space.
        Love – Jamie T.😎

      2. Haha… I’m quite sure the Hawaii pics did you in. 😉😂

        I cannot deny that Justin has really done what NO other male pop star has ever done– gone completely nude in public REPEATEDLY– and on Purpose (pun intended) without shame or public scrutiny. Good for him.

        I have never felt less attracted to Justin but hes undeniably still very handsome. Im just more so repelled by him as a person. That became more difficult for me to seperate than I thought it would. Same for Chris Brown and more recently actor Nate Parker. When folks are unapologetic shitty people it bothers me on a personal level. Totally my upbringing and who cares what I think, right? But at the same time, I don’t have to like something to admit it can remain appealing to other ppl. Even if I no longer find something desirable, it doesnt take away it’s value and that is OK haha 😉😊

      3. Hey – This is supposed to be about Joe’s amazing cakes by the ocean and ultimately our CAKE BY THE OCEAN with him.

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