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More Odell Beckham Jr ‘Is Gay’ Controversy


In the latest round of social media speculation on football stud Odell Beckham Jr’s sexuality, a video recently posted on Instagram helped reignite ‘concern’ among his fans.

On Friday, Instagram account The Shade Room posted a 5 second clip of Beckham Jr, singing Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” in a hot tub.

It begins with Odell singing ‘When I get that feeling,” before he can finish the rest of the lyric “I want sexual healing” another man, (perhaps a teammate or friend) lifts himself up from the tub.

I have reached a breaking point in 2016 between our current presidential election, Donald Trump, hate speech, racism, sexism, Pulse nightclub, police brutality, gun violence etc

The state of our nation is in CRISIS.

Odell’s Beckham Jr’s sexuality is the VERY least of my concern.

My only concern regarding Beckham Jr is a surprise nude pic or a game changing pass on the field.


And, of course, DAT ASS!

But still, the video helped perpetuate what can only be labeled extreme homophobia among sports fans.





Last January, I stepped outside of the normal blog update to discuss the ‘Odell is gay’ story considering his frequent presence on UTS.

In a December 2015 article on Slate, writer Rafi D’Angelo also discussed the persistent gay rumors surrounding Beckham. He described how often black men in American society (athletes, even more so) are given less room to navigate various roles of masculinity compared to white men.

He stated:

“White men are allowed a greater range of expression before they are automatically considered gay,” D’Angelo wrote. “The boys in Marvel films can flirt and nobody cares. Matt McGorry can say his male co-star has a pretty mouth and nobody bats an eye. Channing Tatum ‘vogued’ and nobody cares.”


Seriously, I imagine Tatum and Beckham Jr having the funniest ‘Vogue-off’ ever in my head.


So why does Channing get a pass doing the exact same ‘feminine’ bullshit and no one begins a #ChanningIsGayParty hashtag?

Or Rob Gronkowski’s highly feminine twerking obsession?


On some level, Beckham is constantly winking at gay rumors. It is also important to note that he’s never been accused of being insensitive to LGBT folks or used language to suggest being gay is disgusting or wrong.

He is simply trolling EVERYONE by recording a video in a hot tub with a male colleague.

In the final moment, before Beckham “reveals” the identity of the other person in the hot tub and sings “I want sexual healing,” his message to everyone becomes clear.





Male celeb submission or request?

10 thoughts on “More Odell Beckham Jr ‘Is Gay’ Controversy

  1. People are so annoying. These football players are gods to these idiots. It drives me crazy. It’s a game for gods sake. But he’s fine as shit. I’d lick him head to toe. For hours

  2. I don’t know the world, anymore. I didn’t get nothing from that six seconds other than someone being goofy. I think a lot of these homophobes are just guilty that they feel attracted to him.

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