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I’m Back, By Popular Demand


Maybe not so much by popular demand but rather ‘I have some extra free time again. Might as well.’

No, but seriously, I truly missed blogging on UTS over the last 5 months.

Remember, I told y’all in my final post before the hiatus that I would eventually return.

So here goes.

I still haven’t decided on how frequently the blog will be updated or how to resolve the ongoing domain host issue, but I’m here once again.

Nothing is guaranteed but anything is possible.

You will see the same passion for re-posting images, editing, and creating screen-shots/GIFS of your favorite male celebrities you’ve come to expect from a UTS lens.

Thank you for continuing to visit & support Underneathestarz.







Male celeb submission or request?

25 thoughts on “I’m Back, By Popular Demand

  1. Yes! I am so glad that you are back Kelsey! I really missed this blog and the pics and the good, dare I say “wholesome” fun we as gay men were able to have on here.

  2. Ah ha! I’m back. Seems like the commenting system here had accidentally banned me from posting on any WordPress blog. So I welcome you and myself back, Kels. lol

  3. Kelsey – I posted on “about” but just want to say again that u r an amazing human being who has brought fun, intellect, laughter, tears(that one time u ripped into me) and of course seemingly nonstop load after gushing load.
    I guess that’s one way of saying – WELCOME BACK.
    Love – Jamie T.

    1. Thank you @Jamie T.

      I have always been appreciative of your support for UTS.

      You helped me realize early on how unique my audience is and who I’m reaching posting this content. Your feedback on UTS is always welcomed and I sincerely apologize if you ever felt ‘ripped’ by me.

      1. Kels – Sorry to reply so late. Are u kidding? No apology necessary. Our argument just had to do with booty obsession. Are we not UTS family?
        Love – JT

      1. Hey – I mix lube, petrol jelly(different concentrations) and creamy baby oil. Makes for an explosive eruption. Thanks to Kelsey, even getting jumbo size I have to make repeated drug store runs.
        Love – Jamie T.

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