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Blog Hiatus


I must sadly inform everyone that I will cease posting new blog updates for the unforeseeable future starting today. There are many, many reasons behind this decision but I have no other choice at the moment. My personal, professional, & social life has overtaken my time & attention like never before. Add to the mix, no longer receiving financial support from WordPress for almost 2 years and I’ve been teetering on the edge for a long time now. I wish to pick up one day (months and months from now) and continue here if I am allowed to finally OWN my domain space and include advertising for revenue/income.


The archives will remain open for anyone interested in a ‘flashback’ or quick reminder of the content featured here.  

All of my blood, sweat, tears (and lots of cum) have been dedicated to providing a unique fantasy for anyone interested in viewing this kind of material. Now, 4 years and 20 million page views later, I am very humbled by this experience and I wish to depart on a positive note.

I would also like to thank every loyal viewer of UTS who left a comment, shared a pic, tweeted, emailed, dm’d, or hollered at me to simply appreciate my work.




P.S. This is not the end. (Just a new beginning. 🙂   

29 thoughts on “Blog Hiatus

  1. Kelsey, take care of yourself. Family, friends and your heart are the most important and you need to make sure all that’s straight moving forward. I hope you find that metaphorical “center” and “balance” your looking for in your life and that it sets you on the path that brings you the most joy.

    1. Thank YOU for always giving support in the comment section. That feedback helped keep me blogging for a long time. Pls follow me on Twitter if you have an account. I will remain somewhat active on there. 🙂

  2. Mr Kel, you’ve an awesome future “cumming” to you. Thank you for all ur hard work…gonna really miss ur posts. TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS!!!!

    1. I am not going away forever lol
      It is an indefinite hiatus.
      UTS will continue in the future as a domain I own so I can partner w/ advertisers.
      Until then I have decided to focus all of my energy on work, relationships, goals etc..
      I have been doing this non stop for a really long time.
      Now its time for a break.

      1. On a positive note…Rob Kardashian is well in on his weight loss journey. He’ll probably be hot again by the time you come back lol!

  3. Thank you Kelsey for everything, I mean tbat I’ve had some great nights on here from the funny comments to the unbelievable love shown from everyone on the site, and of course all the saggers 😍😍😍But your personal life needs to come first and foremost!!! God bless you

  4. Thank you Kelsey for being with us over all these years and I really hope you will return in the near future. From my perspective UTS is the best gay blog around. Wish you all the best in life , we love you

  5. Big shoutout to you Kels for staying true to yourself and giving us folks one of the best visual stimulating sites (with excellent written commentary) EVER! Your online family definitely supports your decision and wishes you nothing but love and success.

  6. Thank you Kels for all of the amazing pictures. A lot of us out there appreciate all of the visuals. I can understand how things happen in life and you need to address personal issues. Take care and hopefully, you will be back and better than ever.

  7. Okee Dokee. I’ll be waiting for ur return. I guess my left hand can get some rest for awhile. ” BE WELL WITH LIFE AND LIFE WILL BE WELL WITH YOU.

  8. Hey Kels, Thanks for this amazing blog. Will miss you, but I understand, life happens and you have to take time to do the things you have to do.
    TAKE CARE! Nothing but love for ya baby!

  9. ….wayment. ….

    *grabs Kleenex*

    Kelz! You know beyond a shadow of a doubt you will be missed. Youve made history with this blog and I do feel like youve done all you can with it. when I do see you in the internet world again, more than likely it will be with your own website, and THAT my friend is when you shall release the Kraken. Lol

    Much luvs and hugs…


  10. Life isn’t the same without any update Kelz. I hope you enjoy your hiatus and come back with a bang. Thank you for everything and making fantasies into reality.

  11. Kelsey – The fun contests, your cerebral editorial comments, the Justin Bieber saga, all the amazing guys and, expanding on what you said, — all the powerfully amazing loads that your handiwork inspired. Thank you. Enjoy life and look forward to your return.
    Love – Jamie T.

  12. WHAT?!!! I just found out about this site today… I’m sorry to read about your taking a break… I will be checking out everything you mentioned here. I too will be awaiting your return!!!I was looking for more info on Junior Baiano…

  13. I just recently learned about this sexy, fun, amazing, well put together site…. I will have a lot of fun going through the archives while you are taking the time you need to regroup, and focus on you and other things. I wish you success in all your future endeavors.!

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