He Is Hot!

Jacob Kohinoor












Twitter http://twitter.com/utstarz

Male celeb submission or request?


9 thoughts on “Jacob Kohinoor

  1. Something about this creeps me out he is just too unreal for me like idk if his but is real or not but if it’s not he should slow down on the shots. But hey a lot of guys appreciate an ass as such for my personal preference I’m not into it. I’d actually run if he came near me. Plus he looks like weed guys who’s a scumbag. But I’ll give it a ‘like’ for you Kel!

  2. I can’t stand him. His Instagram looks like a google Search for the word “narcissist”. He’s also one of those delusional Atlanta people who thinks he’s famous but really he’s only known in that bubble.

  3. Yassss! Thank you for the post Kels! Living for that last picture that I’ve never seen before.
    Before it’s said and done he’ll “leak” a sex tape

  4. This nigga is the bigger queen ever. I thought I was the only one annoyed by him. He’s the type that would need to shut the fuck up if we were to ever have relations because as son as he opens his mouth it’s A TURN OFF. This nigga is the epitome of annoying…..

    Sorry Kels I love you but Jacob is a thumbs down

  5. oooohhh babyy… *cackles under baited breath*

    Now when I tell you, this is the kind of comment section that I LIVE for… When I tell you I loves me a good dragging, and technically it’s really not about the post, but the person featured in the post.

    Let me tell you this, back in the day. I was pro Jacob because I believe that he was GAY but discreet, and he never said what he did or didn’t do. And for me, I love a good dose of discretion no matter what side of the time you play for. MODESTY!!

    …imagine my suprise tho (because I was never really a fan, but more so liked his channel and interview with TS Madison.) when I come across his channel maybe a year or so later to find him not only out of closet, but popping his lips, twerking, and rocking LIL Mama LIPGLOSS!! I said… 0_o??

    I did a little research, (cause that’s what I do) to come to find out that he came ALL THE WAY out and said that it was “the gays” that gave him the courage, and that they basically pushed him.. as if coming out of the closet means an automatic liberation of flamboyance.

    To me, it’s like now he is more confused than ever. I watched about 5 mins of these new interviews that he got with his “new boo” and the whole scene just makes me uncomfortable. I don’t know what his platform his anymore or what he stands for. First a couple years back I thought it was to be an outlet and a voice for the community and now it’s just like….

    HOT QUEENLY MESS! I’m not checking for Kohinoor. Nike ain’t checking for Kohinoor.

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