(New) Chief Keef Sag GIFS






Twitter http://twitter.com/utstarz

Male celeb submission or request?


15 thoughts on “(New) Chief Keef Sag GIFS

    1. Hating asses..why does he look like he smells bad? Smh…you have a right to your opinion but it’s borderline bigoted. Ijs

  1. he looks stank thena muhf*cka. smh for those of you who are admiring “that ass,” let him pull them drawz down though – the funk will run yo ass into space instantaneously w/ a gas mask on. have some type of standards, people, and recognize an undesirable when you see one…smmfh

    1. the last thing a top thinks about is how a dude’s ass smells. Most tops I know love ass b/c we desire to stick our dicks inside of them, nothing more. Not everyone is into rimming or sniffing ass either. If that is your thing, wonderful. But no one knows CK’s hygiene unless you have been around or had sex w/ him. I believe you all say CK looks dirty because of his clothing/dreads/skin color/where he is from.
      Stank or not, his ass is A1 to me and I will continue to post him despite your hateful comment.

      1. AMEN !!! When I saw those comments it was borderline racist to me myself. I am a top myself and his booty is EVERYTHING, and the way you explained us in this reply is perfect.

  2. u keep on posting pics of filthiness. because nasty dudes loves and recognize other nasty-ass low-standard having dudes. it’s evident per the defensive rebuttal post. that said, let me unsubscribe from your sensitive sissy ass. i hates a touchy punk like yourself, and your cheerleading ass THOTs rooting you on. it’s just a comment and it’s just a ratchet-ass blog. and to get offensive about filth you’ll never meet, you have deep-rooted issues in the head.

    1. No your a idiot for not knowing what to say; yes it’s your opinion and like assholes everyone got one but you didn’t have to show yours ok bye

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