More Game

The latest thirst trap from Game’s IG…

*Apparently this pic taken from Game’s IG was partitally edited.

Check out the unedited pic:




Twitter http://twitter.com/utstarz

Male celeb submission or request?


13 thoughts on “More Game

  1. I think this is fake…meaning his previous pics (some were posted on this site) it was no where near this large. His sock stuffing game (no pun intended) is on point.

    1. I’m not sure I understand ur comment …you barely see his junk b/c the pic cuts off right before the head/tip… so nothing is enlarged here. If anything it looks censored when compared to the other pic.

      1. I saw this pic on another site that shows the entire package. If I could post pics on here I would show you the difference.

  2. Ur right, The Game has to know when he post stuff like this, any guy tbh, that men be liking and commenting on that shit too…I just find it interesting. I think The Game would fuck wit a dude, or might have already, on the low

    1. Have u seen a clip of him being asked about gay rappers in hip hop? He called them ‘man fans’ and even claimed to have recorded with some of them. I appreciated his response b/c he didn’t go out of his way to overly assert his hetero status or bash gay people. He answered the question honestly and I remember thinking good for him being comfortable in his own skin. I personally don’t believe Game is gay and nor do I care. He is constantly sagging during live performances or posting hundreds of shirtless selfies for attention. At this point, he knows damn well the folks lining his pockets and keeping him relevant are mostly women and gay men.

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