5 thoughts on “Cake

  1. hey I have been checking out other blogs similar to yours and I just want to say you are by far the sweetest I have never read a reply from you that was nasty or overly aggressive even if u didn’t agree with what the poster said. from all the people who just trying to peek some pics and maybe get a few questions answered without feeling like u just walked into the read section at the back of the gay club , thank you !

    1. Hi @treyz and thanks! I’m a normal guy outside of the Internet/social media. I just happen to have an unapologetic ass fetish w/ hot guys and celebs. I’m also a guy of deep spiritual faith and I have never fought, hated on, or name called anyone on UTS b/c I don’t act that in my real life. If that translates on the blog it’s not a coincidence it’s just who I am.

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