9 thoughts on “Nathaniel Noir

    1. I struggle with this, myself. Were he just a model and showing off, it wouldn’t mean anything to me. But, he’s selling a product. He’s telling folks if they buy his workout they can get curves like that. I’ve seen plenty of tiny guys with fat asses. But, the shape of the thing is just odd in proportion to his body. It’s too perfect and symmetrical. I had a short email exchange with him just inquiring about some general stuff, and he was very kurt and rehersed. I get bad vibes off of him.

      1. Yes. The same way that so many women go through body image issues, so do we as gay men. The one thing I used to pride myself on as a member of the black gay male community is that WE AINT FAKE. AINT NO FAKE DICKS. FAKE ASSES OR FAKE ORGAZMS. No plastic surgery like those rich old white queens.

  1. I have a nice round muscular butt and thighs myself so looking at his butt it does look enhanced. However, he’s well put together and it doesn’t take away from him being attractive. Maybe a little effeminate but not unattractive. Real or not I find his bubble butt to be hot!

    1. I am torn. I hate the fakery. There is no need for a black man to fake it. Dude probably already had a nice little booty. I hate the thought of pounding something that is not real. But he does look good. But it still ain’t real.

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