15 thoughts on “Kevin Hart 5x

    1. Yaaaaaassss! I thought it was just me! I thought I was crazy! Like who likes or wants a short man? But I love a short dude wit Dat Ass and who knows how to bottom!

      1. Average height is actually only just a bit above 5’9″ if you’re including all adults of all races. When you you take out older guys it rises another half-inch. You seperate the races and white and black adults below 40 are close to 5’10”. I think people often think the average is higher than what it is, particularly for people who frequent clubs where you’re going to get a taller average since those are the people more comfortable with hitting the clubs and stuff.

      2. You have a point, Jell. I never looked at it from that perspective. Ever. But it makes so much sense
        now when you describe the idea of taller men predominately having a larger presence in nightclubs, sports bars., etc
        I discovered something new today.

    1. Yaaaaaassss. I would probably bust da phattest, most powerful nut up in Kevin ‘ s azz than I would with one of those pretty boy model types!

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