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Romeo Miller (Alleged) Dick Pics


Some folks (myself included) have been desperately waiting for rapper/actor/shirtless Instagram model Romeo Miller to stop teasing us and finally leak the dick pics.

He’s undressed so much over the years that it would seem impossible to believe he doesn’t have one or two stored on his Iphone.

Yet… nothing.

In 2013, this photoshoped imaged began circulating on social media…


Its a pretty AWESOME fake so you can’t feel bad for wanting to believe it was real.

But a closer look around the waist clearly doesn’t match Romeo’s torso.

Our hopes are dashed yet again.

Flash forward to 2015 and I receive an email claiming to have “revealed” must see Romeo Miller nudes via…

Pic #1


Pic #2


Pic #3



Of course, you’re allowed to believe WHATEVER you want about these photos and the source but I’m not buying it.

For several reasons.

A) That 2nd picture’s bathroom doesn’t match the first.

B) Romeo Miller lives in fucking Calabasas, one of the richest areas in the United States. His bathroom interior does not look like someone from a Morning Wood post.

C) I refuse to believe that dingy ass white t shirt on the floor belongs to him.

D) I highly doubt he would send a pic including dirty clothes on floor.

E) You should analyze that bathroom a few times and ask yourself, realistically… do you believe this is Romeo Miller’s bathroom/dick?


I also discovered the alleged Cory Wharton nudes from the same Tumblr blog. 

They’re also fake, & I’m not even bothering to post them.

Luckily, I’m friendly w/ Cory on social media and he confirmed it to me.


There you go. Another ‘Is it Romeo Miller’s dick?’ mystery solved. 

I really hate feeling deceived ESPECIALLY when it comes to my favs.



Male celeb submission or request?

9 thoughts on “Romeo Miller (Alleged) Dick Pics

  1. Does he allow you to post him up on here? Ik its weird but i’ve always wanted to know if celebs see themselves here how do they feel haha are they flattered? Has he ever told you how he felt about being on here

  2. “B) Romeo Miller lives in fucking Calabasas, one of the richest areas in the United States. His bathroom interior does not look like someone from a Morning Wood post.”


  3. ok I might be reaching and wishful thinking a lot because I loooove this guy so I did a little pic comparison and this is what I have come up with if u look below his thumb its a little mole or some kind of dark spot , if anybody remember that pic of him laying in bed with the blue undies on where hes grabbing it if u enlarge the pic that spot is also in the same place. am I just being extra thirsty quite possibly lol but if someone else could check it out and tell me if they see the same thing also that towel on the floor looks like the one around his neck but its not hard to replicate a towel so I wont hold on to

  4. Thanks for clearing that up. I confess when I saw the dick pic I though it was him but every point you made makes perfect sense. I gotz to be more careful and not so gullible on this here internet.

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