Craig Maclean Flashback


Do you recall this juicy booty cyclist?

His name is Craig Maclean & I discovered him on social media last year after he competed in a cycling event known as the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, United Kingdom. 2014.

I was once again reminded of him after seeing this hilarious article from The Sun…


Just LOOK at the images included w/ the article…l


And the Sun employee measuring his ass? Lol


Clearly, they’re doing the most, & it’s fucking awesome.


Check out some #TBT pics taken from the original post alongside the best quotables from the Sun article…

According to online booty watchers, Craig’s mammoth bahookie outshines even the bootylicious Kim Kardashian.


“A friend of mine mentioned it and I just said, ‘mine is all killer, no filler'”


The cycling champ’s cheeks measure a whopping 110cm in circumference.



“It’s a bit of a family trait, or curse, however you want to look at it.”


The cyclist doesn’t mind the cheeky tributes either.


“I only notice it when I bump into things and then I realize how big it is,” says Maclean.


“I’m definitely conscious of it but I’m not self- conscious. I negotiate small gaps differently.”


“This suit is as tight as it gets.”


Craig’s Twitter account was flooded with admirers after competing in Glasgow.


He mostly took it all in stride despite not understanding the hoopla.

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JULY 26: Craig MacLean hugs his family after winning Gold in the Para Sprint with Neil Fachie at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome during the Commonwealth games on July 26, 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

“I’ve always had a backside like this. How come people are only starting to notice it now?” Maclean pondered.


One of life’s greatest mysteries may never be resolved Mr. Maclean. In the meantime… enjoy the view folks!

03:08:2014 Studio features shoot. Scots track cyclist and double gold medal winner Craig MacLean shows off his rear in exclusive studio shoot. Pic:Andy Barr Copyright Andrew Barr Photography. No reuse without permission. +44 7974923919



Male celeb submission or request?

7 thoughts on “Craig Maclean Flashback

  1. Omg I have one of these pics on my IG. Didn’t know who he was. Just knew I wanted to… you know ;). Well now I have a name lol #DamnThatAssIsPhat

  2. I wouldn’t have even believed this pic had it not been for the other ones.

    BTW, for anyone wondering 110cm is 43.3″. And here I am crying about my 38″ ass. lol

    1. I’m sorry for not responding sooner but you can find that article on The Sun’s website. But warning, they charge US reader to view they’re articles. I would suggest zooming the pic since the article is 2000×1900

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