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Dwayne Johnson Nude in ‘Ballers’


He finally did it.

Years upon years , film after film, ZERO nudity.

On the season finale of ‘Ballers’, The Rock appears in his very first nude scene.

He posted this on social media…


May I present to you, Dwayne Johnson’s naked rear end…







Male celeb submission or request?

35 thoughts on “Dwayne Johnson Nude in ‘Ballers’

  1. Damn!!! This man right here. I’ve said it before, he is one of 3 men I would seriously bottom for. My lord his ass is just as juicy as I had thought it would be.

  2. …… you know…. am I the only one that expected his arse to sit just a little bit further off his back… I mean this long wait just for that there!!! Tell Chief Keef to show us his ashy arse and that would get my attention, or at least Soulja Boy… I have a thing for the thug str8 outta proverty look for some reason~~ LOL~

    1. I felt bad for feeling the same way. For someone of his build, I kind of expected a bubble butt. Nothing wrong with it, but, yeah, a little underwhelming.

  3. Yasss @ the Latrice gif(I LUH Latrice)
    Yassssssssssss at the D. Johnson gifs… I have received my life from this post. He has me wanting to taste what the Rock is workin with(I don’t wanna smell what the rock is cookin… I ain’t that freaky)

  4. All he’s got to do is bend over for me one good time and let me put my face in them cheeks, and I promise you he will not regret it

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