12 thoughts on “Sweet 16 (Drake Edition)

    1. Right? It’s that increase in his confidence that has increased the sexy. Meek came at him wrong; totally sideways, and Drake just slayed him, and not in some arrogant way, either. Just total confidence. He didn’t say shit to the media. He just put out his tracks, and let them speak for themselves. It was a thing of much beauty. lol

      1. lol…it’s true. Drake has that ‘it’ factor that not every rapper/performer can possess. Its fine to acknowledge his sexy (as I clearly do on reg basis) but you can’t deny he is also charming and extremely talented.

        It may sound cliche, but, it’s his time.

  1. Aubrey look like he been eating straight hog mog sandwiches!! His sound is so much more edgier and hood… I’m guessing the look goes with it… still not sure how I feel about it!! I get so many mixed messages from Aubrey but one thing for sure and two things for certain… THAT AINT JIMMY!

  2. Every time I see a Drake post I get mad excited thinking finally it’s gonna be a good ass shot showing that donk in it’s full glory … then im sadly disappointed and reminded that Drake is hip and knows we are watching cause he keeps that ass covered and on lock lmao im telling you he knows whats up lol.

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