Flashman Wade Update


Check out Dallas ‘Flashman’ Wade in the above photo for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22. He appeared on the first two episodes but the situation already isn’t looking good for Mr. Wade.

Tyra Banks called him “frog legs” while critiquing that photo and his elimination should be coming up later this week.


Fine by me.

His very BRIEF appearances mostly included him flirting w/ girls and grinning that wide, gorgeous smile.

This elimination frees him up to continue gay-baiting us w/ images like this…



Male celeb submission or request?

15 thoughts on “Flashman Wade Update

  1. Yeah, I remember I asked him about ANTM a while back before the show started. He told me he was going to try out but he may not be there for too long because of the nude pictures.

    1. Oh wow I didn’t even think of that a legitimate reason to disqualify him. And who really gives a shit over some nude pics in 2015?! Tyra is so messy. Besides, he is more attractive than every guy in that cast except the deaf guy.

      1. Yeah Tyra be on bullshit lately. I heard she took a girl’s title as ANTM because she was “an escort”
        So what someone did nude modeling?! More publicity for your show witcho big ass head

  2. What is “frog legs” even supposed to mean? I know she can’t mean chicken legs, ’cause frog legs are muscular. Maybe she means too muscular/shapely for fashion modeling? I don’t even know. lol

  3. Just because he’s attractive doesn’t make him great at modeling. There’s a lot of really attractive models that don’t have a versatile look and can’t model for shit and he’s one of them.

  4. I’m so done with that damn show!
    I’m only watching it for the man candy like this fine ass caramel daddy right hurr! I gagged when I saw him on there. Then I had to change my pants cuz my basement had flooded

  5. Tyra be so pressed about a show that was failing so she had to add men just to make it relevent again. Its 2015 and skin is in!! Had Wade not posed nude believe you me, I wouldnt know him or be searching his name once a month just to see if he has done another nude set… And the guy that won ANTM aint his penis all around the town tho.

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