13 thoughts on “Must See Sagger Pics

  1. Yea first dude is bringing it…..i also like dude in the black denim pants in front of the dresser. I’ve always been a huge fan of sagging, long as you have the right underwear and a nice ass. This was an excellent post.

    1. Same here…. LOVE sagging ONLY on other men. I would personally never sag since I feel uncomfortable exposing my underwear-clad ass cheeks for public view. But (no pun intended) rap took over the world in the 90s and sagging is EVERYWHERE.

      Its perpetuating a thug lifestyle/fashion trend & at the same time satisfying my underwear/ass fetish.
      The logical thinking and college educated me frowns but the voyeur perv in me salivates.

      I’m torn lol

  2. The 1st 2 Pics of the short brotha is LIFE. Cake For Decades. The 4th pic is nice too, you can tell that Ass is juicy & meaty, his boxers looking like briefs. Yum. The 8th is scrumptious, I love that video. And The 11th with the black briefs… LAWD.

    P. S. : I never commented before, but I view often for updates, so why not. Also, I would never sag either, It’s just not my thing, but My eyes adores the Buns when guys have them out. Lol.

  3. My only complaint about sagging is when those with NO Ass whatsoever decide to sag. But those that have a nice plump ass be my guest, and I don’t mind looking

  4. These are those masculine men who give me my life and makes my pussy pop!
    The ones who like their asses played with in the bedroom but will shank you with a fork if you crossed his bae. I read too much into stuff lmao

  5. The first dude and the one in front of the self-checkout!! Jesus! Cake that can serve 8!
    (PS This is my first time commenting in a few months! I’ve been hella busy with my job and my computer fucked up a while back, but I’m back now! :D)

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