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BB17’s Clay Honeycutt (Update)

Still not watching this current season of Big Brother…

The only exception being shirtless/butt pics of resident stud Clay Honeycutt, of course.















Twitter http://twitter.com/utstarz

Male celeb submission or request?


13 thoughts on “BB17’s Clay Honeycutt (Update)

  1. Hey, I’m confused. It’s a guy in there with long hair with a nice bubble butt but it seems no one seems to post him

      1. Yeah, I can’t find a lot of Austin ass pics either unfortunately.. At least there are a lot of pics of Clay. Would love to fuck both of them, they have amazing asses!

  2. Still not watching the season, haha… Everything I need to see is right here on this site. Mr. Honeycutt. I would like to cut this wood, and glaze his Cakes with some honey of my own. Lmao.

  3. Stop catering to tops, bottoms also visit this site. Damn man all your posts are a tops dream. You never have nothin for us bottoms, every post is booty and more booty.

    1. I’m pretty sure you can find a Webster or even a tumblr that’s dedicated to dick. I’m a bottom with an ass fetish. Please don’t stop with the ass posts!

    2. When I came on here I was under the assumption that this site/blog catered to celebrities SAGGING which means ASS EVERYWHERE!
      If its a problem maybe go somewhere else. #MoreUnderneathestarzForMe

  4. This season sucks donkey ass!
    The best looking guy is Clay. And I don’t like him on the show. Him and his step mom…
    DaVonne and Jason are gon
    BB16 set that bar high for hottie mcbody:Big Brother addition with Cody Zach and Caleb

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