7 thoughts on “Sidney Crosby

  1. Biggest ass in proportion to his physique in just about all of sports bar none. Like, sometimes a guy has a big one, but it’s just big in one dimension, like it really wide or really deep/sticks out. Sidney’s is huge in every dimension. It’s such a signature of his even the mainstream media up in Canada remarks about it.

      1. I’d like to see a lot more of him, here. There are a bunch of pictures out there. Like, it’s so big that sometimes it even looks fake if you didn’t know any better. Like, if they put this dude in a racing singlet up next to Tyson Gay, he’d have some major competition.

      2. ^Oh yeah forgot about Tyson, another famous ‘booty King’…
        Sidney has actually been featured here several times over the years.
        I like to believe that I’ve posted everything I could find of his backside at this point. But I’m always checking for new updates/pics to post of him…





    1. About the only one bigger and rounder in proportion to his physique is Anthony Recker’s. There are several posts on this site about Recker.

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