Rapper Ace Hood


Rapper Ace Hood isn’t a classically handsome guy but he makes up for it in many other aspects… 















Ace’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/acehood/

Twitter http://twitter.com/utstarz

Male celeb submission or request?


9 thoughts on “Rapper Ace Hood

  1. This is kind of shady. I mean, he’s not stunningly handsome, but he’s far from ugly, and I’d say maybe even a little above average in looks. No need to start this out basically with a “He kinda ugly, but…”

    What we can all agree on is that that body is bangin’, tho.

    1. It’s all about that “Swag.” Or, I think the new word is “Sauce.” It’s the personality, the persona, the whole package. This lil dark chocolate homie, is SXY AS ISHT now. He certainly didn’t seem anything near attractive or sxy when he first hit the scene. But he obviously has been hittin the gym, taking care of his skin, let them dreds get nice, long and sxy. He is hot because he has developed what GOD gave him, to the best of its potential. He has worked with what he got. All of us ain’t born Denzels, Shemars or Boris Kodjoe. I might wanna fvck with him before I fvck with one of these arrogant azz pretty boy model types, thinking you owe them every dammed thing.

    1. I never said he was ugly nor was I being shady.
      He isn’t a classic male beauty & I stand by that 100 perecent.
      Still doesn’t mean I don’t find him attractive although others may not see it right away… that was my only point.

    2. That’s what I just said. It’s the total package. I can’t stand good looks with a bad attitude. Give me a regular dude, that makes the best of what he is given (and whose bedroom skills are on point) instead of some arrogant entitled pretty boy.

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