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BB17’s Clay Honeycutt























Male celeb submission or request?

11 thoughts on “BB17’s Clay Honeycutt

  1. He is very pretty and everytime he speaks i think to myself he is so gay !!..but for some reason that ive yet to figure out ..i would pick cody from last year over him

    1. Cody Calafiore is the best looking male BB cast member in the history of the US version.

      Side note: I absolutely hate this season of BB. They ruined my summer TV guilty pleasure with an awful, unattractive, and extremely BORING cast this year.

      1. When and what channel does this come on- I have never seen this but with all these fine hunks featured on here I need to.

      2. YES, this cast is such a SNOOZE! Ever since Mama Day left, i refuse to watch. She was the only excitement

      3. I refuse to watch anymore either. NO diversity at all except for Da’vonne (black woman) and Audrey (transwoman). You mean to tell me that a show airing only 3 months of the whole year can’t find 16 DIVERSE, interesting personalities to live together for the summer. This middle of the road lily white cast is a huge SNOOZEFEST. And it has nothing to do w/ race either. If you’re gonna have an all white cast at the very least make them interesting. I also stopped watching after Da’vone was evicted week 2 (surprise, surprise) and now I just catch up on the BB forums.

        @George Big Brother airs 3x per week every summer on CBS.

      4. U know ive waited a long time for it to come back..and it gets here and theres 1 black cast member Davonne who was super cool and 1 gay cast member jason who is super cool…they got rid of davonne so fast it made me its just boring blah blah same old people..I cant even remember the girls names cuz they all act alike..and the guys exept clay are dorky awkward and gross…this season is dead to me..i only watch now for jason. Can we have a latino please or more than 1 black or even more than one gay..ughh its ridiculous..hes great to look at tho…(Clay) sometimes

  2. Clay got them cakes and he’s cute but I can’t stand him on the show… him and his mom(Shelli)
    I’m ready for the dentist to win so this season can be over…

  3. He’s conventionally attractive. Like everything’s in the right place, but there is nothing special about him, at all. It’s like he walked out of a Abercrombie catalogue. To be fair, my opinion might be colored by the fact that I watch the show. Dude’s dumb as a box of rocks and just as boring.

    I hate that I’m so hard to please. lol

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