Drake’s Instagram Thirst Trap


So, apparently all of my UTS favorites decided to bust out the nudity during a personal blog hiatus…


Each passing day it seemed like some UTS regular was disrobing on film. 

Whether it’s Drake and August Alsina’s shirtless Instagram thirst traps, Tyga’s leaked dick pics, John Legend’s fat bubble butt reveal, ESPN’s Body Issue–everyone served NSFW hotness during my recent break.


But that doesn’t mean we can’t play catch up w/ everything I missed over the last week, right?

Let’s kick things off w/ Champagne Papi AKA Drake…


According to the performer’s Instagram, he is constantly varying his routine – from playing soccer to lifting heavy weights to working out with weighted ropes – and it’s probably one of the reasons his body is so tight nowadays. 

BTW this pic was called a “thirst trap” by GQ.com and The Daily Mail referred to him as ‘sculpted’ and Drake 2.0L…

But for real, how long has UTS been saying this?

Seems like mainstream media is finally catching up.



dra4 (2)





We have no idea if Drake realizes he’s breaking the internet, but I hope the photos keep coming.

Twitter http://twitter.com/utstarz

Male celeb submission or request?


11 thoughts on “Drake’s Instagram Thirst Trap

  1. Welcome back Kels- we missed you and you came back with a bang with this one. Drake is sexier than ever with the beard. Love it!

  2. Champagne papi can give me a drink of that
    He got really really sexy like overnight to me. He was sexy but that beard came and my panties fell off

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