10 thoughts on “Dwayne Wade 12x

  1. Kels,

    You spelled his name “wrong.” His mama spells it “Dwyane.” I know, I know, bless her heart, but that’s how it’s spelled. lol

    1. Omg I never knew that… I had to google it just to be certain. I think something in my brain prevented me from recognizing that idiotic spelling lol

      *Whitley Gilbert voice* I only accept Duane, Dewayne, or, Dwayne

  2. Lmfao at the name spelling… chile I can’t! If I’ve been spelling my name wrong I’m slapping somebody
    But back to d-wade and that delicious doublestacked donkey… *licks lips*

  3. He is fucking beautiful. I love how confident he is that alone is sexy. And his ass is nice firm n round. I could suck on that hole allll night.

  4. Between him and LeBron, its hard to decide whos ass would feel better going up inside. Something tells me D-wade would feel the best in bed

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