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Derec Olsen: “I Hate My Butt”


*Requested by @dnice09 **Pics Submitted by @John

Meet Derec Olson.

He is a 22-year-old college baseball player who recently appeared on MTV’s long running docu-series ‘True Life’ to lament the ‘burdens’ of having a big ass.

I guess Derec is too young (and straight) to realize how truly blessed he is!

Smh @ MTV for airing this but still grateful for the screencaps…
















Male celeb submission or request?

14 thoughts on “Derec Olsen: “I Hate My Butt”

  1. this is so funny to me, like, he’s definitely #thiqq, it’s a great butt, but it’s not outrageously huge or out of the ordinary for someone who plays sports. white people are so funny sometimes.

    1. I saw this on some other blog and was thinking the same thing. To be quite honest, I’m looking at it, and it’s the size of mine, but I’m quite a bit thinner and a few inches shorter. For a guy his size, it’s not out of proportion. Nice, but it’s nothing ridiculous. lol

    2. One minute they making fun of our big butts, the next minute they paying 100s of thousands of dollars to get one just like ours. This country is crazy. Why can’t people just love themselves? The main people,people say they ahate are the ones they trying to be like> SMDH. He is an athlete. he builds muscle. His gluteals are muscles. What is wrong? He wants a flat butt so he can look more white? SMDH.

  2. I watched this episode and yes it was amazing. Once he said he played baseball, I was like “oh, well that makes sense” lol. I feel like that is how you enter the MLB. They look at your ass lol. Almost all baseball players have nice butts. It’s the reason why I watch.

  3. lol… he’s silly, and probably closeted. I was expecting some Nicholas Minaj type of other worldly booty, but all he has is a nice plump to it.

  4. Love his ass! Nothing wrong with it at all. Its just a wonderful ass. Thats all that is to know! I would be so happy to have a rump like that! And i am black. Lol.
    He shouldn’t feel insecure.. Rather feel blessed!

  5. I honestly think that this man just wants some attention.. i mean there is always a solution why doesnt he wear long shirt to hide it? And plus its okay its not huge i see a lot of guys like that and they dont complain … i really think that he is gay and nothing wrong with that because if he was really straight it wouldnt bother him a guess… i mean look at the way he walks haha … come on he just wanted to be on tv.

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