10 thoughts on “Tyson GIFS

    1. Okay. I figured it would be. Brothers let them white boys in Magic MIke steal all of their style swag and thunder. That movie and those actors stole all of their steez from black male exotic dancers.

    2. Ikr, they didn’t wear thongs, and there was next to no nudity. All that dick and ass, and we ain’t see shit smh

      1. It definitely flopped…went straight to VOD and played in less than 500 theaters at best lol

        I paid 3.99 to rent it on Xfinity but I”m sure you will find it on Youtube at this point..

  1. the fact that they referenced magic mike in the movie was just ugh…. seemed like they had something to prove by doing a male stripper movie and expecting people to like it just cus there was African American men in it.

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